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Un Duelo Especial

febrero 11, 2016

If there is any obligatory date for spanish bboys now a days it is “Duelo en el Desierto”. The only international crew competition that sourvives in our country. Beyond the competition itself “DEED” has become “the place to be” because we all know we are gonna meet with all the national bboy scene and get to share good vibes. We make jockes saying there is some people we only see in this place once a year. 2015 was a weird…

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Home-made Yumi!

Spandauare (Danish Pastry)

enero 12, 2016

I don’t know what’s going on but i can’t control myself with baking lately. Lately i’ve been a Little bit busy with the drama school and christmas tasks so i didn’t make a post along the holidays, but those things haven’t taken me away from the oven. That means i have collected so much to share with you. Lets go with the récipe that i bring you today. This is a récipe of spandauare, what are a danish dessert, and…

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Cinnamon Rolls

diciembre 8, 2015
con cafe

Im not a too gourmand girl but what i am is a baking lover, and tasting what you made yourself with your own hands always taste better. Thanks God i have a very sweet boy so no matter how many cakes, mufins, cookies… I bake, he is willing to eat them all. With the christmas coming i’ve been feeling the baking mood more and more. If there is a season when you feel to eat everything, it is the one…

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Weekend Diner&Movie. “Relatos Salvajes”

diciembre 7, 2015

Well, the house is starting to look like a home. Honestly moving after 6 months from the last moving really sucks. But the best choice is not thinking but do to be effective. Once this is ready I’ll start showing you the rooms of our new (and hopefully for long time) home. After a hard journey by carrying furniture and once almost everything is set up, we’ve found some moments to rest and entertain. If not, the body really can’t…

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Home-made Yumi!

Beet&Garlic Salad

noviembre 29, 2015

The last two weeks have been a madness. To be honest i’m physically and psychologically exhausted. Well we all have better and worse days. I have barely found time for the blog though i have got a lot of posts ready to be shared so stay tuned. Well for now i let here a super striking recipe. When i tried it it became automatically one of my favourite salads, and it’s super easy. I saw it at my mom’s home…

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LifeStyle Looks Style&Fashion

Style to move.

noviembre 21, 2015

This week has been a madness!!! Papers, papers, papers and finally… THE KEYS! After so much stress, everything has gone fast so we’re moving. Right, we are moving. For those who know me this wont be a surprise since i ve lived in 7 houses the last 2 years, imagine. Life has been weird, what can i say. We thought the search was done 6 months ago but it has turned a mistake. I could tell you a long story…

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Home-made LifeStyle Yumi!

Broccoli Salad

noviembre 19, 2015
1er plano

Today has been a chill day. I had to do a couple of tasks about this changes that i already told you… and work but i was back home early and i decided to bake something because it’s been long time without baking anything. Anyway you will know about it later. Now i’m gonna show you a very original salad. It is becoming serious cold down here in Granada, and they say it’s gonna be sick this weekend. Though we…

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LifeStyle Looks Style&Fashion

Fresh Changes

noviembre 17, 2015

This week starts with a lot of changes. I’m very excited about it but i can’t tell you much more yet. I can only tell i’ll be sharing all the process here so stay tuned. For now i wanna post for you this photo shoot i took before my change of look. This is a very urban look. I use to wear this oversized jacket very often. Is one of my favourites and it makes any look fresher. I hope…

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Home-made Yumi!

Zucchini cream

noviembre 16, 2015

Ahora que comienza a llegar el frío he decidido compartir con vosotros una de mis recetas favoritas para los meses de frío, la crema de calabacín. Soy súper fan de las sopas y cremas caseras, por lo buenísimas que están, el chute de vitaminas que suponen (como decía mi madre) y lo fáciles de hacer que son. Además sientan genial, es tomártelas y entrar en calor. Iréis viendo como poco a poco voy subiendo más recetas de este tipo, y…

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No Place for Terror

noviembre 15, 2015

I’m sat at home, back from all busy day, and all i can think is how has this world become this disaster. I don’t have TV at home, i don’t watch it regularly, just some news sometime by internet. That’s why i woke up today just thinking about how it was gonna be the day today. I review my speech for drama school and all the tasks of the day. The ignorance was gonna last just for few minutes longer.…

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